cellpic.club received a tremendous response from many of the visitors in the expo and some investors

CellPic.Club at Startup2day

We are proud to announce that Openpixel had participated in the Startup2day Expo, which was sponsored by TV5Money Channel. We presented one of our most revolutionary product named CellPic.Club in the expo. It's a simple but brilliant revenuegenerating the module for an average smartphone user and a tool for media agencies and other companies to source images for the low price. The product received a tremendous response from many of the visitors in the expo and some investors and venture capitalists were really interested to even invest in its growth.

Is the app ready to use?

Our app CellPic.Club is ready to use and we are simultaneously working on the backend, developing the marketplace which will allow Advertising Companies, Media, Publishing houses, Graphic Design companies, and other commercial users of images to ease their the process of sourcing images while keeping the cost low. OpenPixel is only charging a nominal percentage as the fee to keep operations running and passing rest of it to the smartphone users.

CellPic.Club at Startup2day

Current market situation

We all require images for various commercial use like website graphics, brochures etc. Generally, Indian companies or startups simply use a search engine and copy images from there. This is a clear violation of copyrights, and with the recent enhancement in technology, it is quite easy to track such culprits. It can surely prove to be harmful but such risk is often taken because the average cost of an image from existing image repositories is as high as Rupees 2000/- to 20000/- per images.

The concept behind CellPic.Club

Millions of people are using smartphones in India and Billions of images are uploaded to the internet via various social media channels. A number of likes or shares are the only things which are being generated out of these images.

We would like to provide real value to their time and images by letting them sell it for a good price and also getting recognition on a wider scale. It is free for the users to register on the app and start uploading images.

At the backend we have a network of advertising companies, media, publishing houses, graphic design, web design companies who are actively seeking for images suitable for them, creating a winwin environment for everyone.

CellPic.Club at Startup2day

What about the costing?

For the price conscious Indian market CellPic.Club is relly effective. We have allowed the users to decide the price they want to sell their images for. Generally, after uploading the images users can set a relevant tag to make it easy for the buyer to search and cost it anywhere from Rs.10 to Rs.500.

Definitely, our low price will be the reason why many buyers will get attracted but along with that, it will also be our wide variety which will please them. Will it hamper quality?

The reason images have been priced too high until now is because of the quality they possess and we are not compromising in that front. Lately, the camera quality of smartphones have seen a huge improvement and there is no reason why it cannot be used to click commercial photos.

CellPic.Club at Startup2day

Moreover, there has been an uptick in the demand for naturallooking images rather than dull stock photos, We would like to fuel this trend further. This gives the guarantee to the end users the images are purchased on CellPic.Club are good enough to use in web, print, and presentations. We also provide a filter option to the user where they can buy images relevant to their pixel requirements.

The smartphone user's Mobile App would be release mid of September 2016. Register here for Free and start selling your smartphone pictures online. End user market place will be ready by next couple of months.