We are ready with our New Website

OpenPixel Lanches New Website

After investing a lot of time and going through dozens of brainstorming sessions, we are really excited to finally launch our new website. It will help you stay connected with us and also understand our services more deeply.

We all know the importance of having good design, it can make or break the brand image of your company. But most often we fail to achieve the desired effect from our design.

The main reason for such failure is that we only focus on visuals and forget that design not just about visuals but a lot more than that. A good design is functional and it has clarity.

With our new launch, we want to help people incorporate all the essential elements of a good design so they can get the desired result out of it. Design is the core essence of our company. Whether you are designing your website, mobile application or an email campaign, We are always motivated to deliver a great design and settle for nothing less.

Some of the focus areas of our website would be the following.

Brand Identity

We are an expert in bringing the brand identity alive by designing logos which are Memorable timeless and unique. As your brand image is your greatest strength we help you maintain the essence of your brand through our designs.

Website Design

We are capable of Designing websites in various CMS platforms or even custom templates. We always keep the goal of optimizing your conversion rate in focus throughout the designing process, to enhance the chances of a visitor getting converted to it's maximum.

Mobile Friendly

Another aspect will be on the importance of becoming multidevice friendly. Usually, people design a desktop website and then modify it to somehow look decent enough on a mobile device, But we would like to bring you attention on adapting to a mobile first approach. Because now it is not just about being mobile friendly but more about being mobile optimized.

With a huge uptrend in mobile device usage, we simply cannot take it for granted. With the change in screen size, the approach one need to take towards design should also change. And we want to help you incorporate the best practices whether you are designing a mobile optimized website or creating a mobile application.


eCommerce solutions are also one of our specialities. We help our client to increase the conversion rate by focusing on designing an Ultimate user interface which enhances usability and brings clarity throughout the website. Depending on the budget we can work with wide varieties of open source eCommerce softwares.

So if there is an upcoming design project in your company we would recommend you to contact us to get your perfect design delivered or If you think your current design is stopping you from getting the desired results then we would recommend you to try us for a redesign process.

We appreciate any kind of feedback to further enhance our services to satisfy you.