Why Isn't Anyone Coming to My Website?

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Most website or blog authors tend to forget it over time. You cannot expect a heavy traffic to your website just because you add another address to the web sphere. But you can make it a good interactive website? How? By finding out why anyone isn't on their way to your website?

First, you must check if your website is SEO friendly. SEO is a common acronym among interactive websites as Search Engine Optimisation. Someone googles for a keyword, yet your website does not appear among the topmost results. For that your website must contain the right contents identical with SEO friendly keywords. That is done, you have a chance of being visible at least on the first page of search results. Otherwise, remember that people are hardly bothered about going to a second page of results. Most of them will certainly skip the search altogether if they do not come across a proper website.

You need to know the right keywords that go along with the nature of your business. Try to insert at least five good keywords somewhere prominent in your website. It can be somewhere like meta tag title or any other description.

That is a serious job, and you will require expert assistance to attend to it.

Second, your website should be updated on a regular basis. Keep on adding new material to the website. That is one way to be among the topmost search results as well as attracting some traffic. The best option is to include the keywords somewhere in the new contents you add.

And the time your website requires to load. Do not expect the internet audience to practise patience. That audience is in a mighty hurry, and won't play an exception to your website. So better make sure your website loads in no time. You might have several types of visitors. Some may come by for the sake of curiosity. But that curiosity will die down soon if your website takes ages to load.

Your website also needs publicity-or promotion, in social media parlance. If you have a strong social media presence, chances high for an effective campaign of the website. Facebook and Twitter are of course culprits when it comes to killing time. But not so in affairs like promoting a website. If you are looking for more traffic without a single account on facebook or twitter, that is almost impractical. Create a facebook page for your website and invite your friends to 'like' it. This is one of the many social media tricks that you can use for promoting the website which helps increasing traffic.

If you want a little more effective and rigorous promotion, you can opt for paid online advertising. Facebook as well as Google offer that option. Although you may have to spend some money, it will be worthwhile.

The layout also matters. The design of your website has to be appealing to any type of audience. The design comes first, and the contents next, in most cases. If you want to get the best design for your website, you should go ahead and contact a professional web design firm such as OpenPixel. It will assist you to get the most out of your website.

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