Digitalization Saves Nature

Digitalization Saves Nature

We are a digitized company that focuses on the web world and specialize in website design and development, Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing. Now that we are an established company having a remarkable 5 year history, it’s our responsibility to give back to the society and the world. Social Welfare and Donations might be one way of giving back but preserving life and nature definitely seems to be the better one. We and our clients, at OpenPixel, take great pride in saying that we are saving a lot of paper as a result of our work, which indirectly leads to saving nature and protecting environment.

Trees and their Benefits in Combating Environmental Hazards:

Trees are life and saving them means saving environment and nature. Global warming pose serious dangers to environment and these can only be apprehended by growing more and more trees and saving the ones already present.

World is trying to move to a paper free era to save nature and our company is doing our part by cutting down the papers need. Digitalization saves a lot of paper; hence a lot of trees are spared which boosts the environment tremendously.

Openpixel Doing its Part:

Businesses and production companies use processes resulting in health, safety and environment (HSE) hazards. They find it difficult to save nature and meet the HSE standards very difficultly. Openpixel on one hand does environment friendly work without posing any concerns to environment and on the other hand through its business, results in creating such solutions which lessen the need of paper greatly.

Openpixel makes sure an environment friendly and protective process maximizing its effort to reduce paper consumption. It uses its niches to save nature as explained below:

Website Development Saves Paper:

Making a website greatly reduces the need of paper. A survey by an environment protection agency told that digital billing through websites saved tons of paper. 17 trees are used to make 1 ton of paper, so that’s a lot of trees saved. We at openpixel create websites leading to digitalization and hence, saving nature. We have created thousands of websites till now, saving hundreds of trees.

Digital Marketing gets rid of Pamphlets, Brochures & Booklets:

Digital Marketing is not only helping businesses and clients with its amazing reach and effectiveness; it is helping to save the environment as well. Openpixel runs digital campaigns for its clients causing significant reduction in paper needs. As we continue to use postal mails, we need to understand the impact it has on the environment. According to the info-graphic created by, 100 million trees are destroyed to produce pieces of junk mail that eventually gets thrown out. We at openpixel discourage this and encourage online communication.

Graphic Designing also Contributing to Environment Protection:

Digital designing on web devices should be encouraged to save paper. Graphic designers must adapt sustainable design guidelines for their projects so that they can reduce the pollution and waste produced as a result of printing and digital design process. Designers are also advised to reduce the pollutants when using materials such as papers, ink, and printing machines. The reduction of electricity usage and switching to green power are also encouraged and implemented at openpixel’s graphic designing facility.